Study Review: Articulating your value

Here I would like to drop some notes on what I have recently studied.

Topic: Articulating your value and sharpening your way of presentation.

It is about how to articulate your value.

Telling others who you are is not just about the skill sets. We need to tie them up to our previous task or any projects we have done before. Particularly it would be better if it is relevant to our audience.

Second thing, no to read out the resume, they can read by themselves and we should link them up by sharing fascinating stories.

Be Confidence and speak with clarity.

Let them know who you are: your skill, your favourite.

  • What makes you different ?
  • How to let other know you more?
  • Share what you are passionate for. Better be unforgettable.
  • Highlight task you love and excel.
  • be story telling rather than reading
  • Not only sharing skills, but also impacts. What you do with your talent.

Ask yourself: Have you used your top skill to do something noteworthy?

Ask boss: Why achieving that goal is important? How you can help them to achieve the goal?

Bring your whole self: your core values, your stories, your vulnerabilities.

Use simple language, no jargon, focus, compelling.

Recommend books:

  • Powershift – by Daymond John
  • How to Fascinate by Sally Hogshead

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